Lets you get your eyes and ears right where you need them. Whether inspecting an abandoned vehicle for hidden ordinance, or going in to facilitate a two way negotiation, these service robots will go wherever you need them to. Send up an unmanned aerial drone to autonomously cover a designated area, silently feeding back data to provide a tactical edge previously only available by dispatching an expensive, noisy helicopter.

Inspecting a bridge, oil refinery or tall building has never been easier. Surveying properties and monitoring construction progress is a one man job. Whether your a structural engineer, a city manager or own your own roofing company, Cyberkinetix Industries has the drone that you may not even realize you need. Contact our sales group today and let us revue your situation. As far as solutions go, the sky truly is the limit with us.

Why walk the field when you can fly it? Why wonder about your crop health when you can know? Todays agriculture providers are experiencing the biggest surge in the commercial drone industry. instead of waiting for a report that is based off of the latest satellite imagery, they can gather and process their own real time data whenever and as often as they wish. With the addition of hardware and software the data gathering potential is limitless.

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